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Get more business from your phone or computer, at home or on the go! Increase sales!

Find available Courier and Freight Loads on our Courier Boards and Load Boards. We cover jobs nationwide. Sign up with Courierbrokers.com and get alerted instantly for delivery jobs in your area. Bid on any type of loads near you – Courier, FTL, LTL, Multi Drops, Hotshot, Expedited Loads, Airport delivery, Straight Trucks, Flatbed, Local, Long Haul, etc. Contact the shipper directly. Online instant messages (chat) or emails are available to get jobs fast. Find Postings Under 10,000lbs Everyone saves! Join Today!

  • 1Search for a delivery job on our load boards

    Search for delivery jobs near you from your pc or cell phone. Find jobs in any state. Whether you are looking for courier jobs or FTL or LTL Freight, our large variety of posting allows you to search for exactly what you need. Courier loads, Hotshot Freight Loads, LTL Loads, expedited loads available! Find jobs near you.

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  • 2Send bids or contact the driver directly.

    Once you found a job, create an account to view the details of the job and send bids with your offer. You will receive updates on bids Send direct messages to shippers or service providers. Unlimited bidding on jobs. Increase sales.

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  • 3Confirm the job and get hired.

    You will be notified by email when your bid has been accepted by the shipper. Confirm if and get hired!

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To maximize your visibility, create your profile on our national directory. Your business address, contact information, description of your business, photos can be added. No additional cost. Courier and Trucker Directory provides some key benefits such as giving delivery service providers an online platform to build their authority in a practice area, get reviews, and earn links for their websites. Having an active profile on Courier and Trucker Directory will give you a much better chance of showing up on Google when someone searches for you by your name or the name of your delivery company. Couriers, Truckers, Owner Operators, Freight Carriers get found!

Q. How It Works For Couriers and Truckers?

A. Search, find available Courier Loads and Freight Loads under 10,000lbs and send your quote. Contact the shipper or broker directly who is posting the job for rates agreement and details. Nationwide Courier Loads and Freight Loads are updated instantly on Courierbrokers.com. Get more delivery jobs and increase sales!

Q. What benefits as a courier or trucker receive with being a member?

A. Find Courier Loads, Freight Loads from your phone or computer. Anywhere when at home or on the go. Courierbrokers.com covers jobs nationwide. You can search and get jobs wherever near you. Get delivery jobs when you want and boost your sales.

Q. How much does it cost to use Courierbrokers.com to search and get jobs?

A. Independent drivers try for 30days $12.95/month!

Courier & Trucking companies start from $38.95/month!
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Courier and Trucker Features MEMBERSHIP
Search for Available Courier Loads, Truck Loads
Instant Messaging to Shippers
Send Quotes by Email, Cell Phone Text Message or Phone Contact
Advertise on Nationwide Courier and Trucking Services Directory
Latest Technology to Support Your Load Search
FEE forIndependent Drivers
Courier and Trucking Companies
Start at $12.95/monthly $38.95/monthly

Find Postings Under 10,000lbs. Everyone saves! Join Today!

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Q. What are the type of deliveries that are promoted?

A. Courier Services, Trucking Companies, Owner Operators, Independent Drivers, Messengers, FTL, LTL, Multi Drops, Hotshot, Delivery Routes, “Will call” pick-ups, Airport delivery, Door to Door, Cargo, Business to Business, Residential, Personal, Attorney Services, Airport Pick Ups, Bank deposits, Medical deliveries, Document deliveries, Payroll deliveries, Mail pick-ups, Refrigerated. Straight Trucks, Flatbed, Local, Long Haul Etc.

Q. Search Courierbrokers.com for free?

A. Yes, from courierbrokers.com’s home page, members and non-members can search for available deliveries or search for a messenger courier service in any city/state or zip code. To view complete posting details, including posting company name and contact information, specific details or requirements, etc. you must register and sign up a monthly membership.

Q. How does it work for road freight (LTL Trucking)?

A.Click for Search all delivery job postings

We get road freight (LTL Trucking) posted in real-time on our Live 24 Hour Courier Boards and Load Boards search by city, state or by vehicle type. Never have a driver come back empty-handed. Capitalizes on increasing fuel costs. Bid on same day deliveries posted today! 24/7 Access to our Courier Boards and Load Boards. Updated instantly. We connect and promote your services to freight customers daily! Get More Business.

Find Trucking Freight, Partial, LTL, FTL Loads

Q. How do I cancel my member account?

A. Send us an email with a cancellation request to sales@courierbrokers.com. Please include your name, company name, and email contact information for verification.

Q. How am I notified that my bid has been accepted, messages, with alerts?

A. Email alerts are automatic email notices sent to your contact email address when newly available deliveries, are listed on Courierbrokers.com. You receive email alerts for postings made in your business zip code zone.

Q. How soon do I get notified?

A. You will receive within 5-15 minutes when a new posting is manually listed in one of the four zip codes you have chosen to monitor. Your business zip code zone includes all zip codes listed on your Get Notified page in My Account.

Q. Can I add/change criteria for job alerts?

A. Yes you can add/change criteria for your job alerts anytime you wish.
1. Login to your account, from the menu, click My Delivery Jobs then Job Alert Setup
from the pulldown menu.
2. Click Add new job alert button
3. Enter all the fields you need for your alerts.

*Note: We do not do deliveries. We do however solicit your delivery services and promote our site world-wide via internet marketing, email campaigns, direct marketing, referral and word of mouth. Please call us or email us with any and any suggestions you have for features or enhancements that will make using courierbrokers.com more valuable for your company. We will improve the system whenever we see a way to make courierbrokers.com work better for your company. Please report any problems you encounter while using courierbrokers.com, we will fix them ASAP.

Q. What areas, cities, and states do you have delivery coverage?

A. We intend to have Messenger Couriers, Truckers, Freight Carriers and Owner Operator members to cover all areas nationally.

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