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Shipper- Receive, accept, and decline quotes (bids)

Once you post your delivery job on our courier board or load board, you will start to receive quotes from multiple delivery service providers including independent drivers, courier/trucking companies. They will be able to search for your delivery and send you bids with over 1000 delivery service in our network, pick the best one to save money and time.

Receive quotes

When you receive quotes, you can see it in the dashboard or in your email address that you used when you created your account.

1. To view a quote in your dashboard, login and go to Posted Jobs.

Compare the prices, service details and find the best delivery service that suits you. Make sure that they pickup and delivery on the date and time that you want and that they understand what ever instructions you may have.

2. On the Posted shipment page, click on the Bids button of the delivery you posted.

Job Title: The tile of the job shipper posted

Ready Date: The time ready for pickup

Job Location: The pickup location

Delivery Location: The delivery location

Commitment: The time and date the driver is committed to deliver by.

Bidder/Score: The driver name and their rating. Click on the driver’s name to see the profile

Bid Amt: The amount (in US dollars) the driver is bidding

Status: The status of this delivery

  • Open : Nobody has bid on the job yet
  • Pending: Bid was sent from the driver to the shipper.
  • (The shipper will need to either accept one bid or all bids will eventually expire.)
  • Approved: Bid is approved by a shipper and waiting for the driver to confirm.
  • Taken: The job is taken by another driver
  • Booked: The job is already booked

Understand your received bids

Accept a quote (hire a delivery service provider)

After reviewing your quotes, to hire a delivery service provider for your job, you can accept the quote by simply clicking the Approve button. Once you hit the Approve button, your job status will change to Approved and other delivery service providers will not be able to bid on your job. An email will be sent to the driver to confirm it.

Decline quotes

If you find the bid that does not suit you, you may want to decline. To decline a quote you hit Reject below the bid. The bid will be deleted permanently.