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Shipping Basics

Prepare your shipment

On Courierbrokers you can receive quotes from couriers/truckers online, LTL Freight, truck jobs or an independent driver with a car or van. Before you post your delivery on our courier board or loads board, prepare your package for shipping. Follow these guidelines to minimize the risk from pickup through delivery. Place the items in a box or an envelope and make sure it is properly packaged to protect them against the normal risks of damage. Inside your package, wrap each item with bubble wrap and use cushioning such as "peanuts" to fill any voids. Click for more information on shipping breakables.

Types of delivery jobs you can post

You can post almost any kind of delivery job on Courierbrokers.com. Below are some examples:

Document, Parcel, FTL loads, LTL loads, Freight, Multi Drops, Routes “Will call” pick-ups, Airport delivery, Door to Door, Cargo, Business to Business, Residential, Personal, Attorney Services, Airport Pick Ups, Bank deposits, Medical deliveries, Payroll deliveries, Mail pickups, Refrigerated. Straight Trucks, Hot Shot, Flatbed, Local, Long Haul Etc.

Post your delivery

Find out the size, weight, and special needs of your shipment. Measure the length, height, and width of the package. If your package requires special needs such as fragile item shipping, temperature control, alcohol shipping, type it in the “notes” when you post your delivery. Every delivery service provider has shipping restrictions. Check with them when you are going to hire. Learn more on basic knowledge of the shipping restrictions Fill in the form with your contact information, delivery information and post your delivery.

Find a delivery service provider in the directory

If you don’t want to wait for bids, you can simply find a courier or trucking company in our directory. You will find Messengers, Couriers, Truckers, Brokers, Independent drivers, and Owner Operators in each state. Find one that best suits you, contact them directly, and get the best rates.

Receiving delivery quotes

Once you've listed your shipment on our courier board or loads board, you'll start receiving bids (quotes) from delivery service providers. Check out the profiles and reviews of bidding providers prior to booking. If you have any questions, you can always contact them via instant message, text message or phone calls.

Book your delivery

When you found a delivery service providers you want to hire, you can book your shipment by accepting the bid of the service provider of your choice. Wait for the delivery service providers to confirm and you are all set. Get your package ready to be picked up.

Track your deliveries

Easily track your shipments online on your pc or phone. Get real-time and detailed progress of all of your shipments from pick up to the destination on the live map.